Teaching (and Learning) Science Through Two-Eyes

This we know. The Earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the Earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected.  … Continue reading Teaching (and Learning) Science Through Two-Eyes

A Spirit Moves On

Two weeks ago, the spirit of a gentle teacher, knowledge keeper, and friend left this physical realm known as Turtle Island. Leaving behind a massive legacy as a self-described Ktunaxa "junior elder", Wayne Louie, was one of a small cadre of Ktunaxa Nation members fluent in their isolated dialectic language. A skilled outdoorsman and naturalist, … Continue reading A Spirit Moves On

A New Student Integrated Case Management Meeting Format?

Wraparound This! Last week, I had the humbling privilege of participating in my first indigenous wraparound ceremony for one of our aboriginal learners. If you are not familiar with the wraparound it is similar to a student intervention or integrated case management (ICM) meeting--community and school-based team members supporting an at-risk student come together (sans student)--to … Continue reading A New Student Integrated Case Management Meeting Format?

Forever Humbled: My Students as Models for Learning

Last month, seven students in Grade 6 self-identified as having indigenous heritage, participated in a school-sponsored hand drum-making workshop. The day and a half workshop, led by our spiritual mentor, Metis elder Donna Wright, and our local knowledge-keeper Ann-Marie Smith, witnessed the students spend an entire day soaking and stretching the hides, weaving the leather strips, … Continue reading Forever Humbled: My Students as Models for Learning

Collegial Connection: The Faculty Book Club

As part of my professional growth plan and a commitment to myself as an educator, learner, and leader I continue to work towards evolving my practice through opportunities for learning. Here is my latest foray. Faculty Book Club: Collegial Connection While neither an innovative or original concept among education faculties (I had already initiated two … Continue reading Collegial Connection: The Faculty Book Club

Power to the Collective

Last fall, the BC Ministry of Education began its push for educators in our province to work towards indigenizing (a term that still alludes a satisfactory definition) their curriculum. As expected, many of our colleagues shared their well-founded trepidation, reticence, and fears around what teaching from an indigenous perspective actually looked like. Where do we start? How … Continue reading Power to the Collective

Canoe, Culture, and Connection

Last week, twenty-two students from our Aboriginal Education program had the very unique privilege of working with self-admitted 'junior' elder, Wayne Louie of the Yaqan Nukiy (Lower Kootenay) Band of the Ktunaxa Nation. The keen group, under Wayne's mentorship and guidance, completed the first of two procedures to build a seven foot replica model of … Continue reading Canoe, Culture, and Connection