A True ‘Honouring’ Tradition

Don't take life too seriously; no one makes it out alive.Elbert Hubbard Our first child graduated yesterday. It was a big moment for many reasons, one being that it was a year we doubted whether him graduating was even a possibility. But, despite mental health, ADHD, and an addiction, he made it. Hell, I'm proud. … Continue reading A True ‘Honouring’ Tradition

Our ‘Truth Mandala’ Reality

Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.Russian Proverb Yep. Being a lifelong learner really does pay off. In spades. I am continually reminded of this by my dear students. Today, my gang spent the day outside, and it has become a daily exercise for us. COVID has given many of … Continue reading Our ‘Truth Mandala’ Reality

A New Student Integrated Case Management Meeting Format?

Wraparound This! Last week, I had the humbling privilege of participating in my first indigenous wraparound ceremony¬†for one of our aboriginal learners. If you are not familiar with the wraparound it is similar to a student intervention or integrated case management (ICM) meeting--community and school-based team members supporting an at-risk student come together (sans student)--to … Continue reading A New Student Integrated Case Management Meeting Format?

Forever Humbled: My Students as Models for Learning

Last month, seven students in Grade 6 self-identified as having indigenous heritage, participated in a school-sponsored hand drum-making workshop.¬†The day and a half workshop, led by our spiritual mentor, Metis elder Donna Wright, and our local knowledge-keeper Ann-Marie Smith, witnessed the students spend an entire day soaking and stretching the hides, weaving the leather strips, … Continue reading Forever Humbled: My Students as Models for Learning