Knowing Thy Learning Environment: Learners’ Perspectives

I think that I’m starting to get it.

No, seriously.

I am.

I am starting to recognize the importance of knowing and understanding the place in which you learn (formally that is).

Our amazing learning support teacher recently asked a group of  Grade 6 aged students what makes Wildflower School a bit unique. This is what they shared (in their own words):

  • Each class is different
  • We are comfortable [safe] expressing feelings
  • Teachers are good at dealing with conflict
  • Teachers work on themselves as people
  • We start where we are at [as individual learners]
  • [We value] relationships
  • We are all of value; our people, our knowledge
  • We are SUPER inclusive
  • Leadership [we support people to be leaders]
  • Non-traditional schooling
  • We have open communication with each other
  • We are multiage
  • You know everyone
  • Different learning styles are celebrated
  • I feel safe here
  • Way less bullying
  • Be who you want to be without judgment
  • Not hierarchical [their word not hers]
  • First name basis with teachers
  • We practice restorative justice
  • Individualized learning; learn your own way; you choose
    your own path

When learners know their environment and by that I mean they deeply feel a part of a safe, inclusive, supportive and respectful learning community it’s kinda hard not to be successful. To love to learn. To take risks.

So happy where I have landed.



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