A Gentle Reminder: Just the Essentials

At a recent professional learning workshop with inclusion specialist, Shelley Moore (more on that amazing experience in the future), I was reminded of a truly powerful post by innovative learning and teaching consultant, George Couros.

And after the intense, insightful, inspirational, reaffirming spark-inducing day, I felt that now was a good as time as any to remind myself about the gifts and characteristics of a 21st-century educator that I attempt to bring to my classroom, my students, my school, and my community every day.


And while some of these characteristics appear to ebb and flow within any given day, hour, class, or moment (i.e. innovator, artist, storyteller), others seem to be more a part of who I am and how I navigate my work and relationships (i.e. reflective, learner, networked, relationship builder).

I have come to recognize that no one of these characteristics is more or less important particularly at the exclusion of the others. And for me, Couros says it best:

As educators, we need to constantly think about the world that we live in, and how important it is to capture and develop the hearts and minds of the learners we serve.

Much to ponder.

Thanks for the reminder, George.




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