What if there’s nothing wrong with me? Or you (for that matter)?

I recently came across this terrific TEDx Talk by Susan Henkels. And timing is truly everything, isn't it? As I complete an even four-dozen spins around the sun this spring, I find myself struggling (of sorts). Struggling with the physical ailments related to midlife. Embroiling in conflict both in my professional and personal lives. Rejuvenating … Continue reading What if there’s nothing wrong with me? Or you (for that matter)?

Daring to Lead Together

It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. Roy E. Disney So proud that our staff is a curious staff. Yes, we talk pedagogic ideals, share lessons, and offer advice on supporting learners and connecting effectively with families when. But most often, we just listen. Ask a lot of questions. … Continue reading Daring to Lead Together

Integrity Makes “Interesting”

All self-deprecation aside, I'm proud of this acknowledgment (scroll to the bottom) in our local newspaper. You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness. Brene Brown Some peers thought that I was being vulnerable. Others suggested that I was just being truthful. Very simply, … Continue reading Integrity Makes “Interesting”

My Hypocrisy, Einstein, and a Bunch of Stuff

With the last weekend of summer break before me, I felt compelled to write. Write what? I struggled with a single focus on one specific idea or directions. Please forgive the diverge writing. Or maybe don't. Either way, no apologies will be offered. What Hypocrisy? I contemplated freeform. Write what comes to mind. It's a … Continue reading My Hypocrisy, Einstein, and a Bunch of Stuff

Vulnerability at Work Here

DISCLAIMER: This week's post isn't really about any specific professional reflection or learned pedagogical insight, but it does have a significant bearing on how I continue to move forward in my professional career as a learner, educator, and leader. And maybe on you, too. I am part of a weekly men's circle. The group consists … Continue reading Vulnerability at Work Here