What if there’s nothing wrong with me? Or you (for that matter)?

I recently came across this terrific TEDx Talk by Susan Henkels. And timing is truly everything, isn't it? As I complete an even four-dozen spins around the sun this spring, I find myself struggling (of sorts). Struggling with the physical ailments related to midlife. Embroiling in conflict both in my professional and personal lives. Rejuvenating … Continue reading What if there’s nothing wrong with me? Or you (for that matter)?

A Mindful Journey

A vast majority of the newly revamped British Columbia Physical and Health 8 Curriculum revolves around students building and maintaining healthy relationships including “strategies for promoting mental well-being, for self and other” and “strategies for managing problems related to mental well-being”. To this end, the concept of mindfulness and the importance of developing effective and easy … Continue reading A Mindful Journey

A Reading Confession

My two favourite things in life are libraries and bicycles. Both move people forward without wasting anything. Peter Golkin (1966~) [I have a confession to make.] I just started middle and secondary school reading guru Kelly Gallagher's Reading Reasons to help me to better answer the ultimate question many young readers ask: Why should I … Continue reading A Reading Confession