Beauty & Power of Shared Experience

Recently, I was embroiled in complex (aren't they all?) and deeply rooted conflict at the workplace. Excepting familial conflict, there are few more disheartening and frustrating dilemmas than conflict at the place. It is where we spend the second largest part of our lives, time, and investment of energy and passion. After nearly three and … Continue reading Beauty & Power of Shared Experience

Not Extinct: Beautiful Storytelling

Our family recently received a copy of Marilyn James and Taress Alexis' book, Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way. Wow. After being declared extinct by the Canadian government over 60 years ago, the Sinixt First Nation won a court battle to have their existence recognized in the spring of 2017. This beautifully illustrated and extremely … Continue reading Not Extinct: Beautiful Storytelling

Knowing Thy Learning Environment: Learners’ Perspectives

I think that I'm starting to get it. No, seriously. I am. I am starting to recognize the importance of knowing and understanding the place in which you learn (formally that is). Our amazing learning support teacher recently asked a group of  Grade 6 aged students what makes Wildflower School a bit unique. This is … Continue reading Knowing Thy Learning Environment: Learners’ Perspectives

Sitting with It: A Healthy Reflection

This past week ended with our fall parent-teachers conferences, and unlike many educators, I actually look forward to them. However, one of the 15-minute sessions left me shaken, confused, and unsure about my planned approach for the remainder of the year. I felt judged. Or at least my pedagogical approach was being heavily scrutinized. The … Continue reading Sitting with It: A Healthy Reflection

Deeper Learning Dozen: A Longing for Relationships

No significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. James Comer This fall my school district embarked on a journey. With support from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Jal Mehta's lab, the Kootenay Lake School joined eleven other school districts from British Columbia, Massachusetts, and California as a part of the Deeper Learning … Continue reading Deeper Learning Dozen: A Longing for Relationships

Learner-Led Learning: My Initiation

In over two decades in public education in British Columbia, I have witnessed a misunderstanding of sorts. One of the basic tenets of successful learning that we, as educators, want to believe is that our learners develop a lifelong love of learning. Not matter their passions. No matter their paths.  But in our attempts to … Continue reading Learner-Led Learning: My Initiation

The Raddest Was Yet To Come: Knowing Thy Impact

Know Thy Impact (or you will be reminded) In June, I ended a tremendously memorable personal and professional growth opportunity as a member of the Trafalgar Middle School staff. Working with tweens and pre-teens is not for the faint of heart. The only other educator that I admire and revere more than middle school educators … Continue reading The Raddest Was Yet To Come: Knowing Thy Impact

Praising Our Kids: A Guide

I think that it's fair to say that as parents we all praise our kids. It's an essential part of parenting and of raising healthy, emotionally balanced kids. However, misusing praise can have a tremendous effect, too. Under-praising, overpraising or even more frequently, 'mis-praising' our kids and their behaviour can set up for difficulties down … Continue reading Praising Our Kids: A Guide

Men Who Run with the Women Who Run with the Wolves: A Prologue

Three years ago my wife, Cate, decided to leave her $30/hour secure job in the fitness industry to start over. Completely. Her heart spoke loudly. Four years later and having made the successful journey herself, she desired help other women through their struggle towards a healthier and more fruitful balance of family responsibilities and professional … Continue reading Men Who Run with the Women Who Run with the Wolves: A Prologue