Letting Kids Be…[kids]: Reflections to Responses

With the tent now dried out and put away, I have had an opportunity to reflect back on a recent three-day retreat outing with forty-eight middle school students earlier this month. I know what you are thinking...? My response to that question is for another post. Smack dab in the cross-hairs of my reflections have … Continue reading Letting Kids Be…[kids]: Reflections to Responses

A Gentle Reminder: Just the Essentials

At a recent professional learning workshop with inclusion specialist, Shelley Moore (more on that amazing experience in the future), I was reminded of a truly powerful post by innovative learning and teaching consultant, George Couros. And after the intense, insightful, inspirational, reaffirming spark-inducing day, I felt that now was a good as time as any … Continue reading A Gentle Reminder: Just the Essentials

Collegial Connection: The Faculty Book Club

As part of my professional growth plan and a commitment to myself as an educator, learner, and leader I continue to work towards evolving my practice through opportunities for learning. Here is my latest foray. Faculty Book Club: Collegial Connection While neither an innovative or original concept among education faculties (I had already initiated two … Continue reading Collegial Connection: The Faculty Book Club

Power to the Collective

Last fall, the BC Ministry of Education began its push for educators in our province to work towards indigenizing (a term that still alludes a satisfactory definition) their curriculum. As expected, many of our colleagues shared their well-founded trepidation, reticence, and fears around what teaching from an indigenous perspective actually looked like. Where do we start? How … Continue reading Power to the Collective

Letting Go, Trusting the Process

I remain continually grateful (and amazed!) each time I have needed support, guidance, mentorship in professional relationships it seems to be readily available. Indeed, friends, colleagues, and mentors all serve to help us maintain balance, and more importantly, perspective in our lives. But it often is the first step of letting go of others’ expectations of … Continue reading Letting Go, Trusting the Process