A Humbling Dose of Perspective

As both a parent and educator, I am so grateful to a colleague for sending along this very humbling dose of parent perspective. An Israeli mother of four children candidly shares her frustration and lack of perspective about the rush to get home schooling cranked up…

Modelling Perspective

As I make my way through my class list and engage in a 20-30 minute check-in call with each of our families this video will be playing at the back of my mind. Constantly. My job, first and foremost as an educator, in this new shift is to support families however that looks based on their collective needs. Perspective and reality.

So, yep, these initial check in phone calls are more about connecting with parents/guardians than they are about addressing the ‘continuity of learning’ that has seems to have become the catch-phrase for school districts around the province.

Time to listen to what is being shared by our parents (as above) and what is not being shared.

Let’s all grab a healthy dose of empathy.

Let’s slow the whole freaking thing down.

Relationships first.


And while perspective might seem like it is in short supply at the moment it is never more necessary than right now.


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