A New Normal: Learning Amid COVID-19


Here we are.

Strange times, indeed.

While we are currently celebrating our kids by honouring the planned two-week spring break, we do know that the holiday will soon be over (for everyone). Sleep schedules, eating times, and access to electronic devices will all witness radical changes. With the inevitable end in sight (and the reopening of schools indefinite), we have started to prepare for a ‘new normal’ in our home.

For the sake of sanity, normalcy, and keeping the ball moving forward (somewhat) academically, our family is adopting a new schedule as of March 30th. There are numerous iterations of this schedule, but most have a few consistent components: variety, continuity, and flexibility.


The other part of the plan is for my wife and I to also participate in following this schedule. If past experience has taught us anything about parenting it’s that modeling matters; walking the talk makes a significant difference.

Deep breath…


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