Off And Running: Random Thoughts To Start Another Year




Three important words that I bring back into my consciousness each and every September. My mantra, of sorts. As a begin the second year in a new assignment I am committed showing up open, clear, and curious for myself, my students, and our learning journey together.

A New Adventure!

Speaking of a journey, I begin this year’s journey with a new colleague. As we begin the slow entry into our class theme this year, The Science of Creativity, I am very excited to work with an heart-led educator. Her experience, passion, joy, and desire to get curious and lead learning with her heart has made her the most reflective and introspective educator that I have had the  privilege of working with in over twenty-years.

Much I have to learn. Much I have to share. Much I have to create. Much I have to bring joy and heart back into my lifelong profession. Thank, Barb. Let the journey begin.

A New/Old Relationship

We have been talking about this for several months in our house: my son and I will be sharing our learning environment together at school! James has been nothing if honest and open about his feelings around this unique adaptation in our relationship from just father/son to teacher/learner. I’m not sure many twelve-years could possess the social-emotional awareness that James has brought to this adventure.  Sure, it’s early on. And perhaps we’re still in the honeymoon phase of this new connection. And I do see our relationship being tests and tried. Bending and twisting. But never breaking. More on this story as our journey this year unfolds.

And we’re off…

Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning. ~Shehbaz Sharif


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