Students more stressed than ever?

OK. I sort of believe the gist of this study

But, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. I mean, what did we expect when parents do everything for our students? Surely, when parents do not allow their child to fall, deal with repercussions, approach and enter into confrontations with teachers, coaches, and peers. What did we expect?

No mention of parental influence (or lack thereof) in this article either…surely this is a huge influence (either positively or negatively).

How about the need to stay connected 24/7? That’s gotta create some kind of stress. The need to stay connected to peer–the generation of peer-attachment and orientation…

I have heard of the MMPI. Used for over 90 years and as I understand it quite reliable so while the cor-relational statistics don’t bear out it does put on paper or rather frame the situation for those working with young adults-teachers, professors, parents, coaching, employers, etc.

And, I suppose, someone had to show us the folly of our 20th/21st century ways…

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