Technology and the Future: What do we lose?

I just had to write today. Not much really on my mind, but I know that I had to write something. A great conversation this morning about technology. This individual is not opposed to technology and embraces and utilizes it often (she wants a SmartBoard–I know she will use it and it won’t collect dust), but…

She makes the point (courtesy of McLuhan) that if we continue to press ahead as a school and focus on technology and the way of doing business we have to ask ourselves: what do we lose (give up) as a result? Good question. By giving into corporations to buy bottled water, consume fast food, and purchase booties for our dogs we have given up something, no? Can this same sort of corporate mind-takeover be applicable to what we do (or don’t do) in our school? I see this thought process, in order to be successful having to break through several layers or level of the bureaucratic atmosphere: individual, faculty, administrative, and senior administrative.

I have thought about this since our previous conversation along similar lines and I have trouble getting past or at least getting answers to the concept of ‘losing something’ in order to focus something else. That ceiling seems to be blocked at the level of the individual. Maybe it gets to the next level: faculty, or given time and funding, the administrative level.

I might argue that we give up

But maybe we have to compare: what we give up compared to what we gain (if the gains are altogether worthwhile). Call is a compromise or a sacrifice, but maybe there is no gain without losing something…is there ever a gain without losing something? Can we actually have our cake and eat it, too?

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