Building Better Kids: Big Life Journal

This morning my son and I worked in his Big Life Journal as part of his (and mine) ongoing personal development to be better at being with ourselves and others. The theme today? Courage and intuition.

biglifeMy wife, life-coach, fitness trainer, and facilitator, Cate, came across this fantastic resource  as she sought support to help James build a strong and healthy growth mindset. The tool was even better than we could have imagined!

The Big Life Journal is artfully and methodically laid out. It is kid-friendly with tons of colour with lots of space for your child to read, reflect, draw or write. The tool also provides easy to understand examples that model and set the stage for activities and conversation towards developing a healthy mindset.

With a healthy growth mindset, the idea is that our “kids become empowered because they realize that they are in charge of their own intelligence and performance. The goal is to help them to stop stressing about mistakes and not being perfect, and to begin enjoying the process of learning. Kids with a growth mindset are also often more open to feedback needed in order to improve.” Phrases like “I can’t do this” or “I‘m not good at this” fade away and our kids start speaking a different language, like:

“I can always get better.”

“If I try I will get better.”

“I am always learning.”

Most importantly, the Big Life Journal has helped our son to become a more centred, connected, resilient, empathetic, emotionally calm individual. The resource has helped Cate and I to help him address failures, challenges, and yes, even success in a natural way. The journal also offers activities that help develop skills to navigate, develop and foster healthy relationships. In essence, he is starting to develop a growth mindset.

Ultimately, the strength of the Big Life Journal program lies not in the actual journal itself, but rather the opportunities that it provides parents: to have important conversations with our children. As their buddy journal, a parent or grandparent, using the Big Life Journal can connect over life-altering events like failure, optimism, and embracing persistence, and a way of living. Joy, courage, trust, and being of service to others are also themes addressed in the journal. There is both a print and electronic library of related posters, worksheets, and colour activities available for purchase on the Big Journal website, too.

Coming soon…teen and adult versions of the Big Life Journal. Can’t wait to get my copy.



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