A Book Long Overdue!

I just started reading Marilyn Johnson’s ‘This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All’. I should preface this by saying that I rarely rave about a book to ANYONE–I know, I know, this is sort of silly seeing as though I love books and want people to read them–but I had to share my thoughts about this book. It stirred me. Motivated me. Challenged me. Even though Johnson is not a trained librarian her eye for the minutae and detail that is such a major element to our jobs is very impressive. She spent several years researching this book the best way: It has inspired me to put together a voicethread about what it means to be a teacher-librarian in the twenty-first century and show me fellow teaching colleagues at our next staff meeting in early May. I think I’ll call it “What did you do today, Honey?” “How was work?” “What do you do all day, Jeff?” Or maybe “A Day in the Life of Your Friendly-Neighbourhood Teacher-Librarian” and use various slides to show what it is that I do in one day. I guarantee that faculty member, after viewing the thread, will say that teacher-librarians have it easy, that they don’t contribute much to the education cause, and that they are just overpaid filing clerks that no longer have a purpose in the digital age. I hope to argue against that outdated way of thinking. At least that’s my goal…

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