Bringing Home the Bones

I have had the honour of being a part of the Ab-Ed program at L.V. Rogers Secondary I feel as though I am privy to the things that most Canadians know nothing about and could, unfortunately, care let about.

One example is the plight of the Sinix’t Nation. Most people living in the area have never heard of them, let alone know their story. The world premiere of the docudrama “The Sinix’t: Bring Home the Bones” in Nelson next week is a chance for people to learn and become better educated about the history of this beautiful place that they call home.

A personal history. Our story. Something that links us to the past. We all have the right to that ancestry, to access the knowledge of our forefathers. Until now, it wasn’t so easy for The Sinix’t.

I’m already inspired to begin researching and asking questions about my family history (warts and all). I feel that after watching Bringing Home the Bones, a more profound desire to uncover my genealogy will subvert itself nicely.

All my relations.

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