Well, finally a great idea who’s time has come (and I can’t take any credit for this one!). Effective January 2010, the LVR Library Media Centre will adopt (or at least attempt) a four week trial promoting a ‘Leave No Trace’ food campaign.

The rationale…

Why fight it? It happens everyday and students will do it whether the act is vilified or not. Many of us like to sip and coffee or work into the wee hours at night with a bag of munchies next to our computer. Many teachers allow food and drink in their classrooms, no? Perhaps there is an inconsistency here.

Of course, no food zones will still remain in the library: computers and books shelves will be off limits. As well, eating while working at the photocopier will not be tolerated.

Many school and public libraries have ‘food only zones’. The movement towards the library as the ‘hub’ of the school–a learning commons–is the vision for this important area of the school. The learning commons views student collaboration, and creativity, as important components. It is along those lines that I see rationale in allowing food and drink into the library.

School libraries that have tried this approach have found that there is LESS garbage and mess at the end of the day. Hmmm…

Not to mention the fact that I don’t become my former high school librarian–always seeming to nag about the little and insignificant.

The concept of ‘leave no trace’ seems to resonate with humans when we hike and camp. We show our respect for the natural environment. Why not in public spaces like a school library? But, I guess the question is: do we respect public places as much as natural spaces?

Again, this is only a trial and our students could very well be unable to handle this sort of personal responsibility. But, I believe that it is an option worth exploring.

Am I opening up and can of worms?

Am I crazy?

What do you think…?


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