Learner-Led Learning: My Initiation

In over two decades in public education in British Columbia, I have witnessed a misunderstanding of sorts. One of the basic tenets of successful learning that we, as educators, want to believe is that our learners develop a lifelong love of learning. Not matter their passions. No matter their paths.  But in our attempts to … Continue reading Learner-Led Learning: My Initiation

My Hypocrisy, Einstein, and a Bunch of Stuff

With the last weekend of summer break before me, I felt compelled to write. Write what? I struggled with a single focus on one specific idea or directions. Please forgive the diverge writing. Or maybe don't. Either way, no apologies will be offered. What Hypocrisy? I contemplated freeform. Write what comes to mind. It's a … Continue reading My Hypocrisy, Einstein, and a Bunch of Stuff