Interdependence Is Iterative

Being interdependent is a series of small repetitive motions. Interdependence is iterative.  ~adrienne maree brown

As I head into another weekend after eight weeks of supporting my students from behind a screen, I continually wonder, continually get curious about the effectiveness of the contributions that I am making to them and their families.

A collection of questions have fomented in my thinking…

Do I know that my existence–who and how I am–is in and of itself a contribution to the people and place around me? Not after or because I do something particular, but simply being in life?

And that the people and place(s) around me have contributions, as well?

Do I understand that my quality of life and my survival are tied to how authentic and generous the connections are between me and the people and place I live with and in?

Do I recognize that interdependence is not about the equality of offers of support in real time?

Do I understand that I have to trust in that karma-ish idea that the support I’ve offered in the past or will offer to others in the future, will balance this scale?

Interdependence, after all, is an iterative process.

Pretty metaphysical for a Friday afternoon, huh?


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