Not Extinct: Beautiful Storytelling

Our family recently received a copy of Marilyn James and Taress Alexis’ book, Not Extinct: Keeping the Sinixt Way.


not extinct
Photo courtesy of Nelson Star, 2018.

After being declared extinct by the Canadian government over 60 years ago, the Sinixt First Nation won a court battle to have their existence recognized in the spring of 2017.

This beautifully illustrated and extremely thought-provoking book offers several stories by local Sinixt matriarch, Marilyn James, and her daughter, Taress Alexis. James also offers an interpretation of each story for us settlers including a lesson, moral, and the relevance to our current world issues. Local ‘settlers’ were also invited to comment on each story, too.

In the age of reconciliation, one way for us to support the long overdue changes in our Canadian society is to “seek first to understand”. Indeed, Covey’s Advice #5 is applicable here.

For more details about the book, its purpose, and etymology check out Bill Metcalfe’s story in the Nelson Star.


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