Oscillation of Joy

As I continue to look forward to joining the Wildflower School family in September (well, joining isn’t exactly the right word, it’s more like a homecoming, of sorts), I often discover my thoughts wandering, and pondering, about my new role next year.

Will I get it right? Is there an actual getting it right? What do the parents expect of me? What do the student need? Will I be able to meet my own expectations? What are the priorities that I have to set, focus on, and keep in my sights? What is an engaging, relevant, and appropriate theme for the coming year? How can I make this coming school year an unforgettable, deeply enriching, reflective, and resonant learning experience for all?

Yeah. It’s a little much. I know.

But these are the thoughts that run laps daily around my brain. Perhaps more to the point, I’m extremely excited and nervous as hell when I ponder the upcoming fall. And more often than not it is with a greater sense of nervousness rather than excitement. I am mindfully aware that I need to strike an effectively healthy balance between the two ends of the gamut. I know I will.

Last week, the current Grade 6 students (many of which are soon to be my new students) were invited to contribute to a web of what they are excited, anxious, or wondered about next year moving into the Wildflower Middle School program.

Image courtesy of Cate Baio.

Yes, that is my name on the student-generated excited about part of the web holding its own with exchange (Mexico), drama, new people, and gym. J-e-f-f came up again and again without any prompting of the group (or so I’m told). Irregardless, it appears as though I’m not the only individual excited about developing new relationships and connections next year.

I find myself holding so much gratitude with the recognition that my presence in the middle school program will provide some students with safety and comfort next year.

Truly grateful.

Oh…and that pendulum oscillating between nervousness and excitement? It just swung back the other way.


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