C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N Is All You Really Need

Earlier this week, I found a great (and very simple) reminder about the key to leadership in my Diigo following list…

According to the Leadership Freak, Dan Rockwell, CONNECTION is all that really matters when it comes to effective and efficient leadership. And in our roles as educational and school leaders in our schools and communities the simpler, the better.

Courtesy of the Leadership Freak, copyright 2015

In his most recent post, Rockwell lists the things we need to eliminate from our leadership behaviour including: needing to return emails as they come (time not-so well wasted); sitting at your desk (isolation kills relationships), pretending to have an answer for everything (and I suppose everyone), having good intentions apart from action (in other words talk the walk and walk the talk), and resting on past success (definitely a sure-fire way to get static and stagnant both as a leader and organization).

Once relationships (and thereby connections) are created among colleagues it’s pretty easy to go forward from there. Since Rockwell says it so well, let’s use his own words…

Isolated leaders create status with distance, secrecy, and title.

Isolated leadership is arrogant leadership. 

           Leadership is influence. 

Influence requires connection. 

                    Connected leaders build relationships. 

Influence grows when connections grow.

            Respect eliminates the need for position and title.

So, how best to connect with colleagues seems very realistic, too: wander around (i.e. get the heck out of the office), share information “profusely” (helps reduce isolation), and most importantly, “view interruptions as opportunities” (wisest piece of information). 

And oh, if as a leader your are concerned about where you might find the time to make these necessary changes in your practice, one helpful reminder: delegate. (I’m taking this one to heart.) We really can’t afford not to commit the time to developing connections, can we?

Thanks to the Leadership Freak for the shot of inspiration this week!

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