Of Two Minds: Why Mindset Is Everything for the Educator

As I embarked upon my exciting journey as a new school leader early this year, I reread Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

For those unaware of how Dweck’s ground-breaking approach to intelligence supports learning for all below is terrific infographic (courtesy of Nigel Holmes).

Image courtesy of Nigel Holmes, 2015


What does this mean for me as a young and brand spanking new instructional leader? 

A whole lot, actually.

It is important to recognize that intelligence is not fixed; it is not a given. And this means that the education system simply cannot give up on any of our students. We do not have an opt-out escape hatch. Those learners with behaviour challenges or academic obstacles or even those that crave enrichment require our help. School administrators and leaders cannot do this alone. Neither can teachers. Nor parents. It requires a process. It requires a plan. A cultural shift in a school’s mission. 

I recently attended a two-day Response To Invention (RTI) workshop. Indeed, we do have pieces to the RTI process in place but we still seem to lack a clear definitive method understood, accepted, and utilized by all stakeholders. As a school leader, I have much to do in advance of developing a plan: learning what my role will be in the adoption of RTI at our school.

Stay tuned for future posts as I continue to document what will surely be a journey filled with its share of challenges and successes. I’m both nervous and have great trepidation, but also very hopeful and assured that we will continue to develop systems to support ALL learners in our school.

Very exciting, indeed!

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