A findings from a recent study by MediaSmarts reveals a very alarming (but not surprising) trend among young Canadians.


After all the examinations and waves of useless information is pushed into their brain (only to become useless) in two hours our students will still not have learned any truly useful skills needed–digital citizenship and empathy–which educators might be expected to address in their classrooms in the years ahead.

Young Canadians in a Wired World report
Courtesy of mediasmarts.ca/ycww

The way I see it both a misogynistic behaviour and attitude, and a perverse and seething hatred towards females in western society, are increasing at an alarming rate. And yet, we as parents and educators continue to focus our energies on what is slowly becoming trivial at the secondary level–teaching ionic bonding, overseeing fetal pig dissections, helping students to maintain a high GPA, leading discussion in fractals–all important and indeed necessary. But also all at the expense of the having that larger conversation with our students (males and females, alike) about growing up in the post-digital age and what that means for our youth and their (and our) future.

What choice do we have?

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