Parents’ Thoughts On Technology-For-Learning

Whether we as educators like to admit it (or not), collectively we are going to have to change the way we do what we currently do in our classrooms as the move towards mobile learning and technology-for-learning begins to take on a greater role in education. And it appears that this is an expectation of not just the myriad of pedagogical leaders and hordes of educational technology know-it-all, but it is coming from the parents of the students we interact, teach, (and hopefully) learn with every day.

Below are some of the trends surrounding mobile technology that parents expect to see in the classrooms of their students. This infographic is based on a recent survey asking parents their thoughts on mobile devices for K-12 and even Early Childhood Learning…

Whether we agree (or not) with these findings, the evidence that parents recognize the importance of their children’s education reflecting the ‘real world’ in many respects (i.e. ubiquitous access to technology, etc.) is being borne out.

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