Cell Phone Etiquette: It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Here’s a terrific Infographic on sharing appropriate cell phone use/etiquette with our students.

You will recognize that these ‘reminders’ are not relegated to use in just our classrooms, but  they are appropriate for everyday personal use for all members of a digitally connected society. And let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that while many young people know ‘how’ to use this technology (ubiquitous digital apps have made this almost a given) they really do need guidance for using it acceptably. Cellular phone technology, despite what we are told to believe or what we’ve come to expect from student use requires, like other forms of technology–photocopier, automobile, lawn equipment, etc.–the learning of the subtleties of its appropriate utilization so as to protect oneself and other members of our classroom, school, and communities.

Cell Phone Etiquette
Via: Cell PhonesVia: Cell Phones

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