Q: Who will speak for the (teacher-) librarian?

In his monologue yesterday, Jian Ghomeshi, the host of CBCs Q, defended the teacher-librarian as more and more school districts across North America begin their termination of positions.
He’re a guy who gets it. An voracious reader. A parent. And a concerned member of society that recognizes that while the landscape of information media has changed, the necessary help needed to access it still remains paramount.
Here’s a guy speaking for teacher-librarians…

Thanks, Jian.

One thought on “Q: Who will speak for the (teacher-) librarian?

  1. I was quite moved by his audio preamble ( what do you call that segment of a radio program? it isn't monologue like Johnny Carson?) That little piece generate more email and comments on my inbox today than I can remember… pretty cool. I'm going to ask him to come to BC! and figure out how to pay later…


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