PLN: Right under my nose

Every single educational technologist, educator, administrator that truly values the power of the Internet for its ability to connect, collaborate, and learn knows all about PLN–personal learning network–and the important role it plays in lifelong learning. People like Fisch, Shirky, Alec Couros, Shareski, Richardson, and Warlick live on a daily diet of Twitter feeds, Google Reader, and the like.
And, I’ve become a disciple of the personal learning network/lifelong learning movement, too.
Recently, I had a lengthy conversation with a popular teaching colleague that was…


While we rarely talk about anything related to school and curriculum (although I wish did), this morning’s interaction was…


Our impromptu dialogue began with a conversation about renown atheist and Darwinist, Richard Dawkins. My colleague mentioned a discussion about intelligent design he had with his History 12 students. He alluded that he often screens Ben Stein‘s film, Expelled, to enhance the classroom discussion. When I mentioned that I had not seen the controversial documentary, he quickly ran to his room and returned with “one of the copies” and insisted that I “give it a go”.
So…what did I have to lose?

You know that moment where it all just seems to make sense? That once-in-while ‘aha’ moment that inspires you to rethink your beliefs, your biases, and your need express your confusion? ‘Expelled’ did that for me. Stein’s project enhanced my professional practice and personal growth.
A personal learning network is as much about being ‘local’ as it is about connecting with others on a global context.
And, yes, it is true: sometimes an old dog can’t (or won’t) learn a new trick, but they almost always offer the wisdom of their experiences.

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