Advice for a Teacher-Librarian

This evening, while my son lay soaking in the tub, I was immersed in my copy of the December edition of School Library Journal; specifically, I was reading an article by Rutgers University professor, Carol Gordon, entitled “Meeting Readers Where They Are”.
Jackson, ever the inquisitive one, asked me what I was reading. 
I answered that was a story was about “ideas to help librarians help students to read more books. It’s suppose to help daddy do a better job at school.”
Without missing a beat, Jackson offers, “I have some advice, Daddy. You should make sure the kids love the books they’re reading. And [they] are age appropriate [his words, honestly!], you know, teenagers like to read books about love, vampires, and fighting. Age sevens [his age] like books on cars, warplanes, adventure, and stuff like that. And they need time to pick what they like to read…like in our library.”
He so eloquently framed what Gordon and hundreds of other reading and literacy professionals have been espousing for decades. A modern day Krashen our little guy?
But, now I need to take this intuitive advice and seek out more student input with my students. I’ve been toying with the idea of a school library advisory council and now the time has come to forge ahead. 
What have I been waiting for?
Thanks, Jackson. 

Thanks, son.

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