The second best job in school…?


Just when I thought that being a teacher-librarian was the best job in any school, I now take over the reigns of one of the most popular courses at L.V. Rogers Secondary: LVTV. The daily ten minute closed-circuit television broadcast, operated by students, has been a part of the school’s culture for well over fifteen years. Offering school information on upcoming events, group meetings, sports, and other inter- and intramural co-curricular events; LVTV is the main source of school-related information.
It’s also an organization and technological nightmare, or it can be…
Am I a little nervous? Yep. Big shoes to fill? Si. Going to make some big mistakes along the way? You bet ya. Did I ever consider saying no to this assignment? Are you kidding? Nevertheless, I know that I am in good hands. My teachers? The students of LVTV, of course! A good ones at that. As a regular guest with my ‘Off the Shelf’ spot for the past three years I have seen students take this program very seriously and develop and hone skills necessary for future employment: teamwork, coping with stress, helping each other to cope, pitching in and doing whatever necessary to get each broadcast up and running. Oh, and they have a heck of a lot of fun along the way, too.
Indeed, I am extremely privileged to now hold down the two best gigs at the school.
How lucky can one guy get…?

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