Professional Book Club in Limbo

And while it’s not a done deal, I’m really proud of how far we’ve come with this inspiring idea from my colleague Bonnie McComb.

And while everyone I have addressed this situation with admits to the power of this professional development initiative few groups have put their money where their perverbial mouths are: our professional development committee requires that members purchase their own books using their personal pro-d funds; our administration has yet to commit; but, admittedly somewhat surprisingly, our school district and director of instruction sees the professional merit of such an undertaking ,and has offered to purchase ten copies of Carol Ann Tomlinson’s book on differentiated instruction. Thanks, Andy!

A professional book club will happen at LVR. THere are dedicated professionals that will participate regardless of the support other groups offer. Nevertheless, I think that I will need to ready myself for a relatively low participation rate, and be prepared to build on it next summer until we have ALL faculty members on board.

Worst case scenario. The meeting with my AO on Wednesday will be a pivotal point as to whether the book club operates to its greatest capacity this summer or whether it limps through with a couple of hearty individuals until next year when the real noise can be heard!

Ramble on!

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