Board Presentation Countdown is on!

Well, a few days to go before our teacher-librarian presentation to the SD8 Board of Trustees. I’m looking forward to our approach and presentation. We’re not going with our hands out asking for money that we all know doesn’t exist. It is an approach that some have called ‘active advocacy’: letting the trustees and senior administration know what it is that teacher-librarians do to enhance student learning and achievement in their schools. When times are tough the ‘perceived fat’ must be cut–and TLs are at the front of the chopping block line. No doubt tough times ahead for the district (actually, all districts in general) as we will all be paying for the debacle that are the Olympics for years to come…

I will report on the outcome of our presentation in the next post.

One thought on “Board Presentation Countdown is on!

  1. I've enjoyed watching your blog come into its own with a lot more of your own voice coming through. We too are on the same advocacy train but our roles have changed so drastically within the last few years that it is necessary to let the board know we are the conduits of the shift happening in education. I would be interested in hearing your approach to the board and their reaction. TLs are in fact a cost saving measure as our technology committee is looking at release time for professional development of staff in conjunction with Web 2.O. If they looked closely at the services we provide they would realize that collaborative units incorporating Web 2.0 tools is in fact professional development for staff and students. We can show teachers and students how to learn and apply these collaborative tools in a variety of ways.


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