This Is Not Lying Down, This Is Savasana: Exploring Yoga In My School

Two weeks ago, we initiated our Mindfulness Matters rotation with the middle school students at our school. The three-rotation session consisted of a yoga station, a meditation station (led by a local meditation practitioner and instructor), and an 'hour in nature' station led by a former Outward Bound leader. Admittedly,  we began the rotations purely … Continue reading This Is Not Lying Down, This Is Savasana: Exploring Yoga In My School

So, When Are We Going To Start Learning Something?: A Most Beautiful Conversation

Last week, after what I believed was a well-planned, and engaging discussion and thought-provoking lesson on growth mindset the following dialogue occurred. On the way out the classroom door heading to morning break one of my more 'enthusiastic' learners (Grade 7) triggered this fantastic conversation: Student: Jeff, thanks for sharing that information. Me: My pleasure, … Continue reading So, When Are We Going To Start Learning Something?: A Most Beautiful Conversation

Being Imperfect Is…Simply Perfect

I recently finished reading, Dr. Brene Brown's The Gifts of Perfection: Let Go of Who You're Suppose To Be and Embrace Who You Are. This succinctly, yet poignant, self-help book holds so many little relevant 'aha' tidbits to support wholehearted living that I needed to possess. After studying shame and shame resilience for years, Brown noticed a … Continue reading Being Imperfect Is…Simply Perfect

Praising Our Kids: A Guide

I think that it's fair to say that as parents we all praise our kids. It's an essential part of parenting and of raising healthy, emotionally balanced kids. However, misusing praise can have a tremendous effect, too. Under-praising, overpraising or even more frequently, 'mis-praising' our kids and their behaviour can set up for difficulties down … Continue reading Praising Our Kids: A Guide

Building Better Kids: Big Life Journal

This morning my son and I worked in his Big Life Journal as part of his (and mine) ongoing personal development to be better at being with ourselves and others. The theme today? Courage and intuition. My wife, life-coach, fitness trainer, and facilitator, Cate, came across this fantastic resource  as she sought support to help … Continue reading Building Better Kids: Big Life Journal

Joy on Demand: A Primer (of sorts)

As part of my commitment to working towards the kind of man, father, husband, community member, neighbour, and employee that I want to become I spent the holiday season reading Chade-Meng Tan's Joy on Demand: The Art of Discovering the Happiness Inside. I cannot help but ignore the call of my heart that is luring me … Continue reading Joy on Demand: A Primer (of sorts)

Vulnerability at Work Here

DISCLAIMER: This week's post isn't really about any specific professional reflection or learned pedagogical insight, but it does have a significant bearing on how I continue to move forward in my professional career as a learner, educator, and leader. And maybe on you, too. I am part of a weekly men's circle. The group consists … Continue reading Vulnerability at Work Here

A Mindful Journey

A vast majority of the newly revamped British Columbia Physical and Health 8 Curriculum revolves around students building and maintaining healthy relationships including “strategies for promoting mental well-being, for self and other” and “strategies for managing problems related to mental well-being”. To this end, the concept of mindfulness and the importance of developing effective and easy … Continue reading A Mindful Journey