Be (Like) Water, My Friend

All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.  ~Bruce Lee

Recently, our government announced a voluntary return to in-school learning plan starting next month. As a result, I find myself overcome with moments of uncertainty and worry often tinged with a perceived lack of control over this scenario. A recent personal focus on developing deeper equanimity and compassion both at home and at work have led me to…water.

A few moments of Google support and there he was…Bruce Lee,

With a growing fascination, I viewed his clip regularly over the past few days, and its impact on me continues to soak through. Powerfully grounding. Always reassuring. Lee’s water metaphor is astutely compelling in and of itself. However, its relevance towards our collective current situation is more prescient and more poignant than we might first realize.

Water adapts to its container; water doesn’t fight but attempts to find the path of least resistance. Water can be violent (“crash”). Water can be equanimous (“flow”). For me, finding equanimity in situations of conflict this year has been an extremely deep and transformative process. Showing up for my students, and their learning needs, with curiosity, empathy, and compassion as integral ingredients have evolved my values about teaching and learning.

How will I show up for June?

How will I adapt?

Will I “crash”?

Will I “flow”?

How will I respond to, and fill, the new container?

Suddenly, my mind wanders towards September in a much similar manner as feelings of uncertainty start to settle in. Our annual ‘school planning day’ is nearly upon us and I find it a struggle to contribute meaningful ideas towards our collective exploration.


I am committed. Committed to showing up with equanimity. Committed to “be water” in our conversations; to listen to colleagues, to connect with their thoughts and feelings, and to support the overall energy that the collective container fills.

This is how I will show up this week.

Next month.

And in September.

Like water.



One thought on “Be (Like) Water, My Friend

  1. Thank you for sharing this- so much truth. Like water, we mold to the needs of our families and students, recognizing that they are our reason 🙂


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