Hartzell: Despairing of School Library Advocacy

In a terrific paper on teacher-librarian advocacy, Dr. Gary Hartzell argues that the only real traction (in terms of advocacy for teacher-librarians) is to strike at the heart of educational administration training. We need to set our sights on the professors and instructors in the hollowed hall of higher learning that help churn out our future educational leaders. 

These people, Hartzell argues, are the folks that CAN have the greatest influence on the new school administrators being created, and thus affect their leadership views on teacher-librarians, school library, and the key roles both play in every school. 

Of course, this is not without its drawbacks either.

Hartzell admits that by even undertaking this level of advocacy right now, we would only see recognizable results in these changes at somewhere 8-10 years down the road. Eeesh…

Nevertheless, there is great merit to his argument. And as my fall project, I will begin to undertake steps toward researching these suggestions and avenues; discussions with teacher-librarian professors and instructors, and then attempt to broaden the discussion as connections are formed toward the teachers of our educational administrators.

I mean, what other choices do we have…?

If you would like a copy of the Hartzell paper (I don’t have it posted anywhere online) please leave a comment or contact me at jyasinchuk@sd8.bc.ca and I’ll forward it along.

If you are a teacher-librarian or concerned with the fate of school libraries in Canada then it is well worth the brief and enlightening read.

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