Councilor Joel Burns to Gay Teens: It Gets Better

In a courageous, intensely emotional talk at the city council in Fort Worth, Texas, councilman Joel Burns reaches out to the targets of teen bullying — kids who are gay, perceived as gay, or just different — with a vital message about their lives, and the harassment they face. 
Amid a rise in bullying and a rash of teen suicides, politician Joel Burns spoke up at an otherwise ordinary city council meeting and delivered a powerful message to teens tormented for being gay.

And no matter what we think about our school, about the level of tolerance (or acceptance) we appear to witness in our hallways and stairwells, classrooms and washroom, bullying does happen here. Yet, while education and zero tolerance policies are pillars from which L.V. Rogers must use to rid itself of bullying, Joel has shown that no matter from what side you face bullying (that of the bully or of the victim), it is essential that our parents (PAC included!) begin to take a greater investment in their children’s social and personal well-being. 
For everyone’s sake…
Thanks, Joel. Thanks for your courage.

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