Negligent Parents…? Really?

Well, this article really got me thinking…

Who knows the future? Who owns the future? Something like this has got be next to impossible. More difficult than predicting the weather patterns which are only 50% effective for those predictions made for more than two months at a time. With all these technology ‘experts’ blogging here and there and everywhere. But really no one can agree on anything because we don’t have the long range information or foresight to predict what our kids do now will have any effect on what happens in the future with respect to media.

We always talk about educating the student, the digital native–actually, they’re doing OK (not great, but farther along than mom or day)–it’s mom and dad that need the education. And it even while we know this we continue to preach to the converted. And I recognize that it is difficult for anyone to support and supposition unless there is evidence to validate.

This is an issue that won’t go away. Or will it? Will someone create a time-machine or at least a crystal ball and let us see into the future decades ahead…? Without much of a president it’s a difficult call to make. Many experts have made their prognostications. Time will tell.

Regardless, parents are the gate-keepers (or must be) of a their young. They have to be in tune with what their kids are doing. So, yes, the parents need to be more involved. I don’t see it any other productive avenue. Again, we leave it to our schools to rear and raise our children. And quite honestly, schools don’t have the time. They’re too busy increasing standardized test scores.

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